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When I was in my teens, our family moved to Anguilla in the Caribbean to run a restaurant called Paradise Cafe, located on Shoal Bay West. This was long before Anguilla was THE place to go, and there were only a handful of tourist-type restaurants. Supplies, including hot sauce, were hard to come by, so my father and I developed our own, using local scotch bonnet peppers, key-lime juice, and rum-soaked raisins. We named it “Dog Sauce,” and served it to our customers. Pretty soon, people started asking for some to take home!

The questions abounded regarding the name “Dog Sauce.” We assured everyone that no dogs were used in the making of the hot sauce. We also said it wasn’t fit for a dog. The truth was that it was named after the French sauce “Sauce Chien,” but no matter the story, we always told everyone that it was howlin’ good!  

After returning to Cape Cod, life got in the way for awhile—children, college, a new business. I always make a batch or two a year and give it to friends and family, and the inevitable inquiry comes up: “Why don’t you bottle and sell this?”  So now after twenty years in the making, we’ve swapped the raisins for craisins and brought the tastes of the Caribbean to old Cape Cod!